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With the idlers club

Porsche Clubs and Shops, Mini Owners Clubs and Shop Associations, as well as shops and clubs such as Alpha, Abarth, Fiat, Super Seven, Formula Car, Honda S etc. The group that participates and plans with everyone is an idlers club. As it happens, there are participants in some of the existing events, but they do not deny them, nor are they denied by them at the same time. We exist only as we. By the way, idler is idler = meaningless person, meaning of leisure person. I want to be a dog club in England. I think. What we do is "sports meeting". We enjoy "Adult boy's day" by car. The priority is on the eyes of the car taste and a sense of responsibility by oneself.

Everyone is Idles

It has been about 10 years or more in this year starting from the small circuit athletic meet. Held GAMES several times a year, focusing on the Tsukuba circuit for about four years. We always have more than 200 participants.
Since 1998, Mini Freak magazine has co-sponsored the endurance, sprint and rookie sports events in the series schedule. From 1999, 930 cupt, 9 cup, and Supercup are prepared with the support of 911 Magazine. Each class has an entry close to 30 full grids each time. On July 2, 2000, Porscheday will be held in Motegi. I'm going to do it every year.
World Mini 6 Hours Endurance held on April 15, 1999. In 2000, despite the unfortunate weather, 7 hours endurance was also a great success with about 40 cars / 200 drivers and more than twice the team staff. I will extend it one year each year.
It is stimulated by this, from the entrant of various vehicles, the opinion that it tries to be durable even in their class is received, April 29th, holds S & M / A & L 90 minutes endurance. Here too, 30/80 drivers and more than twice the team staff participated, and it was a great success. Of course, it is easy to say that S & M, A & L, and FR / G are easy to participate, and it goes without saying that the classes that are fun to run are booming. Furthermore, it is enough to see the class of formula called F & 7.
Everyone in all these classes is an idler. The secretariat is a mere secretariat. The leading role is our entrant / idlersMeeting athletic meet, I want to continue to be an event that we wanted the fun of each one.