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Historic cars are popular with Oji. When he was still young or young, he would get an exciting car model and trace his own excitement himself. It's not just a retro hobby, but it has kept the origin of excitement important.

So this time, I thought about what a historic car is. A historic car also feels like a high blow. The old car is correct, but the image of a domestic car that has become tattered appears and disappears. I want to call this a historic car.

The historic car was clearly defined by the FIA ​​and was a vehicle before 1969 for a long time. With the passage of time, neo-historic and the like were born, and the rules change almost every year.

Taking the Le Mans Classic as an example, the classification is made according to the age, but the predecessor of the Le Mans 24 Hours race, “The 24 Hours Endurance Grand Prix Coupe Rudge Witworth began in 1923- It is a model up to 1979 and is considered to be a vehicle that participated in Le Mans, or the same type.



In fact, what this rule means is very important. In other words, it is stipulated that Le Mans participation is literally a vehicle with history.

“Historic cars tend to be thought of as the English notation of old cars that can feel a strong hobby, but there are individuals with race results. The same type car is a measure to expand the gate with the passage of time, and it means that a replica is accepted. However, the basic condition is that there is a result, and it is impossible to name a historic car with just an old car.

By the way, it seems that vehicles before World War I are called veterans or vintages, classics before the 1950s, and neo-classes before 1980s. The notation of neo-classic seems to have been a pain.

Idler's old car class does not call it a historic car, but makes it a trad make because it has caught the historic car strictly, and by using the concept of "traditional = traditional", to include models that do not conflict with its regulations It was set to.

«Like old cars, historic cars often point to old cars. But shouldn't it be expressed as an old car?