Seike's almost every day column

Idler's another memory.

12 hours endurance lost.

I just wanted to do it right away.

That reminded me of last year's 12 Hours.


In 2017, a team owner and team leader was fully engaged.

However, unfortunately, he was third overall.

He was disappointing, but laughed that he was glad to receive the checkers in the top three.

The year 2018 has changed. I got in touch. I'll say this year is impossible.

What are you talking about? Laugh with your friends and increase your memories. I answered.


And last Sunday, July 29th. He and his team are on the grid.

But the result was a retirement.


After a while, intelligence arrived.


This was the reason he said it was impossible this year.

According to his wife, after opening the door to sort out the factory,

It ’s clean, there ’s no trash,

It was said that he had his helmets taken over by his friends.


In short, I'm prepared, but there are things that come up when I think of my feelings when I was cleaning.

He was a big man. will not forget.

year 2012. Idler's Aratame, who had previously been within 30th place, was in 3rd place overall.

In this year, in addition to the usual driver of Aratame, Porsche magazine and idlers magazine

The writing staff also participated. Among them, a sick friend opened.

12 hours, ride? No, it's a little impossible. I still have n’t recovered.

That's why one day I was making a strategy with a driver except him. I got a phone call from him.

I ride it.

2014. A man running a maintenance factory in Fukushima after overcoming the Great East Japan Earthquake appeared at the Tsukuba Circuit after a long absence.

The year after the earthquake, he fell down because he was dizzy. 2 years later. Appeared with customers.


VW Beetle engine. I learned a lot about the Porsche 356 engine.

I was surprised when I went to say hello. All the sheets of Hiace are defeated and a futon is laid.


He came to the last farewell. What is it. I will not forget it.

From the launch of Northern Lights Sports Car Club, the predecessor of Idler's Club

There was an older friend who was dating. Every year he gathers at his house and is a mahjong until morning.


One time he was hospitalized. Rumors flew about cancer, but when I went to visit, it was my usual feeling.


Spring 2000. He entered in his 1969 Formula 911S.

If you look closely, your clothes are stuffy. He laughed that the two holes in the belt were inside.

Start of qualifying. However, I returned to the paddock in about two laps.

No, I'm tired. I ’m sorry, Sake-chan. Go home and go to sleep.


After a while, he was readmitted again at another hospital. The doctor at that time is now competing in Porsche.

When you go to visit, you move your eyes, but you can't speak.


One day, intelligence came in.


That's right, Tsukuba came to see the idlers I made together.

I will not forget it.

September 2008. There was a call from a member of the mini endurance team.

Posts the daily life of the clubman serialized in the idlers magazine and the appearance of the circuit

Say I want to recommend one person to the TOPs corner.


Headed for shooting. Tokyo Medical University in Shinjuku. Hold the camera and go to the hospital room.

There was an entrant who greeted me with a usual smile.

This filming and interview was planned by teammates. I even brought a racing suit.

She woke up thin, changed her clothes, and both of them were smiling. Good friendship.


This photo was published in Idler's Magazine No.10.

I wanted to see you again. will not forget.

2010. An imminent voice jumped in from the phone.


Are there any photos of ◯◯ on the idlers?

Mr. ◯◯, who pulled the main phone of the phone to idlers, died.

I want to use a photo laughing at idlers as a ghost.


It was just the time to leave the office, but I did a full search for photos.

What came to my mind was a smile of champagne fighting on the podium.


there were. Sent immediately. Was it helpful?

His intention was taken over by his friend and he is still running. will not forget.

February 2014. The engine builder who taught the Porsche and Nissan Z engines died.


What are you doing? What to teach. I don't do anything special.

This was the first approach encounter greeting.


I came here because I told the interviews by phone and said that it was OK. Come if you know if it ’s special.

That's right. And what do you want to hear?


The interview began in this way, but when I started taking pictures, I stopped saying that I should stop.

Come back after a while and ask me to make these glasses.

These glasses are the same CSI drama that the optometrist wears in the drama.

It ’s split in the middle. I laughed.


Since then, I have been sent to the factory if I have time. I learned that the GT3R engine can be assembled.

A winter. The hands are washed white and washed with cleaning oil, and each screw is blown.

Isn't it bad for the colander to be washed with oil after steam cleaning? If you ask

I was told that the oil would evaporate but it wouldn't be good if a little water remained.

It was Otsu who did this kind of work.


The last time I visited, I woke up and stared. Reach out slowly.

It ’s an appointment to hold a job collection. He told me to leave the hospital as soon as possible.


Otsu who has a bad mouth. However, the night and the farewell ceremony were full attendees.


He gave up the blue cheese pizza and laughed. Nostalgic. I will not forget it.


February 2017. Shimazaki, who is responsible for the Idler's office, broke down. It's a fracture during night shooting.

That was the death of engine builder Otsu.

Shimazaki and Otto were close friends and allowed them to enter the bench room and shoot.

In the pre-check for this treatment, a bigger problem was discovered.

After the fracture was completely healed, treatment was started.

It ’s as if he could n’t see it, broken a subtle place,

I feel like I've noticed.