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Parking meter

A few years ago, a parking meter was built on the way to work.

Before this was done, there was a lot of illegal parking and the left turn lane was crushed.

I thought that it would be easier to pass by having a parking meter.

But the situation remains the same.

That's right. Whether you have a parking meter,

The car is still there.

The police officers who have cracked down on parking violations before

I've heard of it. This is because the words that come back hinder traffic.

There is a possibility of inducing an accident, and it will be controlled. It was something like that.

There were many cars on the road that had a new parking meter that hindered smooth traffic.

But it would be the same if you prepared a parking meter there and set up a parking space.

I wonder if the border between traffic violations and no violations depends on the money of hell.

Hmm. The point doesn't go.