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12 hours endurance idlers

The 12-hour endurance over a year was over.

”The 964 Aratame of Idler's that hasn't moved since December last year. It was an appearance betting on 12 hours. Last year's champion SEV. Unfortunately, CONCEPT was in 2nd place, CAR GUY in Le Mans 24h and 6th place in the Asian Le Mans, Gulf who was retired after having trouble with the top run, 12hp making use of lightness, and TK showing his strength Quiet, Chubu Idler's, Taimaz digging in with Porsche 718, Tatsu with the winning experience. The regulars who follow these up with a slight difference and the powerhouses aiming to win the class. Aratame, who appeared on the circuit for the first time in half a year surrounded by these powerhouses, laid a perfect lineup.

Team leader: Seike. Operation team: Shimizu (Director), Aoki, Neshiro. Mecha team: Kuriyama, Naoto, Onuma, Kaneko, Watanabe, Takahashi. Driver: Yulin, Mineo, Yamaguchi. Scheduled to refuel 24 times when dry. The lap time was not as fast as 2'06 of Carguy Huracan GT3, but it was 2nd fast.
1 hour from the start on the wet road. When the course changed to dry. Emergency radio from the driver. The seat stay is broken and I can't step on the brakes. I did not check so far. However, it was natural that the seat was heavily loaded because the mission case was smashed so as to break. If you think about it later, you should know it in advance. Today's Talareva was born.

Aratame has returned to the pit, but there are no replacement parts. Then, RWB Nakai-kun who felt an abnormal Aratame in the adjacent pit span flew. As soon as you confirm the damage, go to your team. I brought the seat rail from my teammate's vehicle. Exchange from there at once. However, he had already lost more than 20 minutes and fell back to 58th when he returned to the course. If this happens, the driver will be overloaded, but the strategy will change. We decided to increase the pace a little while considering fuel consumption. However, the drive time for one person is not long. Because there are only three people, I cannot take enough breaks. In addition, the cool suits went wrong, and the air was not properly vented, so the water was spinning only when the side G was on. However, there are drivers who are familiar with Aratame. You can leave it with peace of mind.

3 hours from the start. Move to 29th place in 1 hour after returning to the course. 26th after 4 hours. After 5 hours, it finished 14th and revived to the upper fixed screen of the pit monitor. However, it is difficult to get up from here. I got into a stalemate that went up and dropped by refueling. Therefore, in order to avoid refueling before the last stint while keeping the order and to make it easier to attack, we decided to pit-in and refuel in small increments to store the fuel little by little. This is the reason why I kept 10th place after 6 to 9 hours.
However, the situation that I didn't want to welcome was continued during this time when I needed the most steadyness. First, ABS is punk. Perhaps something has adhered to the sensor. However, the brake feel is normal unless you step on the panic brake. Therefore, I decided to leave it alone. Next, radio abnormality. This disconnection must be dealt with immediately before pitching out. The accumulation of such losses will be a burden on the driver.

There was also a good thing. The rain for one hour after the start and the steady running thereafter kept the tires down, keeping the grip without having to replace the Dunlop 03G R2 S tire.

Pace up after 9 hours. 9th place after 10 hours. 7th place after 11 hours, which is another hour before the checker. But rivals also started pushing. The top CONCEPT is 244 laps. This is followed by Gulf 241 laps, SEV 239 laps, CAR GUY, Tatsu 237 laps, Ad hoc 234 laps, Aratame 233 laps. CAR GUY was supposed to have jumped to the top, but subtracted 10 laps with a penalty of 2 times. We reaffirmed that we only avoid penalties.

However, it turned out that the situation did not reach the top three. So I had to pull away Steele MITO and PAZZO Peugeot, who had been chasing up, and pass the ad hoc right now. The result was 6th, 11 laps behind the top. Tara Leba, but if he didn't have a little more than 20 minutes, he would have kept his tires if he was a little over 20 minutes. And a bad luck.

Tara Leba is important. I do not make the same mistake again because I catch Talareva. Evil afterglow creates hope and makes a laugh at launch.

Nine hours after Aratame started chasing. Around 5pm. If the sunset is in Motegi's sky and the wind gets a little gentler, the sunset will be faster. Then loneliness rises in inverse proportion to the setting sun. He murmurs whether he wants to run yet, does not want to quit, or does not want to quit.

Twin Ring Motegi where the sun completely falls and the night dominates. A number of headlights pass through. How beautiful it is!

7:45 pm. Head to the checker post. Only one dose at a smoking place on the way. Three officials greet you with a smile when you climb the checker post. In retrospect, there was no smile at the beginning. One of the officials of the day said that he participated as a driver last year. It has changed. I'm grateful.

The top CONCEPT of the monitor of the checker post is projected and chases after each point. Radio from the control tower begins to enter constantly. "Leading vehicle number 136, downhill now. Now 90 degrees. Victory now." I came. “Simultaneous contact. Checker is now on the top vehicle number 136.” Continue to shake the checker from there. “Checker is now on the last vehicle number 08”. Then open the pit lane window. One mini is waiting for the hand checker. No. 89 checker.

Walk the pit lane to return to the idlers pit. All team members greet their car. Applauding his rivals. It ’s no side.

Let's go see Aratame early. I'm going to pomp my body.