28.Jul.2019 Twinring MOTEGI  08:00 Start - 20:00 Goal

idlers Games 12Hours Endurance Race

7/23 NEW



7/26  タイヤルール改定!ここからジャーンプ!

7/26 ルールが一部変更になりました。変更ページはここから!

7/24 備品オーダー確認メールを代表者へお送りしました!

7/23 計測担当表PDFをメールでお送りしました!

7/23 エントリーリストを更新しました!
7/23 パドック表タイムスケジュールをUPしました!
7/23 ツインリンクもてぎ レースナウ!今年も実施です!

Idlers Games Twin Link Motegi Full Course

Up to 142 units E1 / E2 / E3 Class total

★ Participation fee
1 team 270,000 yen Driver one insurance premium 1,000 yen
From this year, we have put a consumption tax on the entry fee

Final Deadline / 2019.6.10 Must arrive on Monday

Spring 4-hour endurance participation team 10,000 yen off
Even before the deadline, it will be closed as soon as the planned number is reached.
It is acceptance when both application and participation fee are confirmed.
It is not possible to accept only the application, only the payment.
Thank you in advance.

Contact Us
Email jimkyoku@idlersclub.org
Telephone 03-5485-8835 FAX 03-3409-6296 Please order the equipment order to the left.

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