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2019.6.2 Tsukuba Report

Trad Makes-2 No.1 Sankatetsu racing@yu-suke player

Sankatetsu racing@yu-suke player Ma's participation support report!

Momo @ Sankatetsu racing.
This time Ghostla ... No,
Instead of a shy driver,
I have created a report.
Pit crew and eater, entrant family and

Because it is my creation of the gallery
Not a driver, but a report from that perspective

Please note.

Every time, I leave when I am sleeping. I have low blood pressure.
We buy breakfast and one favorite snack at a convenience store and head to the circuit.
At first I felt like a customer.
I'm not running myself, it's a roar and I have a baby.
I don't know, I'm an old man, I'm scared, and I'm a car.
But it was different. Because it looked vaguely from "the outside".

Everyone is crazy about the car, and when I look closer, there are various ideas.

A glimpse of the mark of hardship.
If you talk to someone you don't know and they smile with a smile, or if you have trouble with your car, everyone will bother you,

Tool lend me,
It will be my child's opponent.

Just as Uchi's baby, who was being asked to be a partner, has become an elementary school student,

I get up early and go to the circuit each time though I have hypotension w
Ochibi wants to be a person to fix Porsche as he grows up.

When I had a child, I was bothersome and thought, but of course it is not impossible to take it with me.
Iyamuff (ear capo) is recommended for children's ears. It protects the child's hearing. You can get it at home center.
The vest with reflective tape was purchased cheaply at IKEA. It's so noticeable that it's safe to walk (but don't take your eyes off)
Take a nap mat and take measures against sun protection, change clothes and snacks on the race car. My favorite picture book and toys may be good too.
At Mogi, I play a lot in the amusement park the day before. Adults train with a cart.

It's about running. Why run here?
My family goes to school in a car relationship. There are a lot of young people who like cars. I'm going to run here and there on bikes and cars.
If you run on a public road and your license score is reduced, you can not run anywhere without a license.
The circuit is a place to polish manners and arms. Fun and safe.
The idlers have prepared the place and are waiting for you.
First of all, from the tour. Please come to the paddock for a sense of presence if possible.
that? What a report? W

To the drivers
There is a goddess and a devil at the circuit.
The devil will blow, oil and spin the oil of your precious car.
In the worst case, it will destroy your car, hurt you, interrupt the race, or bother you.
Make sure that you are well prepared, including rule guards. For you, for everyone.
"It was fun today," I hope the smile brings you home safely. It is a request from the family.
Also thank you next time.