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2019.6.2 Tsukuba Report

Sideway Proud Yusuke Nojima

Nojireal representative Yusuke Nojima's participation report!

idles Game's

Is it about 15 years since you entered the war?

NOJI is m (__) m

The first signal race of drifting up was idles!

So escaping the AE86 GrA + race 💦

I'm allowed to play in Sideway class in 2019 ~

Sideways Proud (drift) is becoming one of the classics at idlersGames. Is there anyone who knows that there was an initial 1000 event before the event at Tsukuba 2000? This is a report from Nojimareal Nojima, who is making idlers sideway plow together!

June 2, 2019

Idles sideway class

Mineshima- Juku members are participating!

I feel like I'll do my best with Dorami. ️


1st heat

let's go! And one corner fully open from the pit out S-shaped corner

Cab Rinkezie broke

9,800 turns

I'm not stepping on the accelerator

I was evacuated to the gate in front of the hair and everyone in the GT class opened the gate.

Thank you very much!

Reflected Shimashimasu m (__) m

With 2 heat 3 heat and Mine school friend ...

If you shake it from here, it ’s not like Ele! It was a fun idles ~ _ (^^;) ゞ

Next September, I will participate in the upgraded NewAE86 ~ _ (^^;) ゞ

The report is full of realism and is very nice, but it feels a little short, so let's make a memory story when the drift class started for idlers.

Sideways Proud (drift) is becoming one of the classics at idlersGames.
The conversation was with Nojima (Noji), representative of Nojireal, who had participated in the Hachiroku trophy. Noji was originally a Drifters and had an overseas expedition with Seyama of Seyamax (a car shop called) and was a national hero in the Dominican Republic. In the Dominican Republic, it is a super hero who can ask for a handshake no matter where he is, and when he returned to Japan, his handshake was a habit. It ’s amazing! I want to see it!

Then, why don't you try idlers & Nojireal? ! And ...

The meeting began in the closet in the Roppongi Hard Rock Cafe, where the volume is loud and violently locked. The first contents were decided by putting paper on the ground while looking into each other's face from between the coat and the unknown coat. (Early!) Okay, let's try the Tsukuba Course 1000 first. Come to the grips that are on idlers for when they weren't collected. I'm seriously writing the idea on paper, but Noji is already choking and hasn't turned around. Oh, I'll do the same explanation tomorrow anyway. . . But Siri is cold.

From the reservation of the course, gathered volunteer staff, spoke to the officials of idlers, Taisuke, and so on.

Noji who gathered exactly the planned number of drift participants. The faces that I knew always came to the grip, and I was relieved. 2000 was a hundred battles, but I'm new to managing 1000 and I don't know what to do. Still, the usual officials also helped me, and I asked the doctor in the medical office to wait and made the minimum situation ... I'm crazy ...

The biggest thing was that there was a big mistake in Taisuke, and that was “Oh! I was surprised. It looks like someone is careful. In addition, 1000 staff members said, “This is the first time that the Tsukuba 1000 has so many beeches.” Is that so? ! I'm surprised again. Thanks to Noji.

The grip is counterclockwise as usual. Drift is clockwise. that's interesting.

Tsukuba Course 1000 is fun because you can see the course from the top of the pit garage! But everyone is delicious! Grip and drift were all crazy!

Drift was the first time I met everyone, and it looked a bit ok, and I thought it was okay, but I didn't have any fine dust or ignorance when rules were ignored or when fights started!

After that, everyone came all the way to the event in 2000, and Taku-chan, the representative of the Young Age Club, felt the meaning of the equipment of the players participating in idlersGames, and a set of racing suits and helmets at RAC. You were all in the battle.

I think that a new way of thinking began at this time, as the attitude of everyone who was seriously racing in idlersGames and the history of drift unique to Japan crossed. Great, clubman race & clubman drift.


From here, a new Japanese clubman drift world begins. What can be changed is the consciousness and behavior of each person.

Like the world-class clubman race, let's go to create a world-class clubman drift world.


Well, advanced players who can't see going back from the Games race to the sideway Proud ~ I'll ask! Run here too! Oh, isn't it a double-entry course? ?