idlers Games Report

2019.6.2 Tsukuba Report

GT-Fighters EX No.666 BREworks with Dream works player

Dream works Shikama-san participation report!

There is no description by the person himself-.
A dream studio that manipulates the Bali Bali tune FD usually.
Today I will play with Mr. Roadster for Choparinco!!!
Well, how are the results? ? ! !

idlers Games Round 2 Tsukuba

June, 2019 as early as the other half year has passed,
This year's Yumekobo is also participating in the idlers, which is different from today.

The story is with the limited company BRE Kanto (best, rebuilt, engineering) at the end of last year
It is because it was decided to fight the idlers in 2019 in collaboration.

We fight with rebuilt engine which adopted rotary engine know-how of our dream studio and processing technology of BRE!
In fact, I think that the image of "rebuilt engine = inferior to normal" is large,
The rotary engine rebuilt with BRE performs WPC processing to each part as much as possible.
The Apex seal, which is currently split into two in number, is reduced to WPC + 3 split processing.

And this engine is mounted on the roadster and it enters GT-EX
Oh! Not tested at the time of entry

Somehow I went to the test once, "S, S, water temperature ....

I can go around one lap "

Of course there is no testing at all around the bottom, and the result of this test is that the water temperature
Five days after the idles until the idlers measures against the water temperature, everything that can be done that day
Qualifying began and I was as usual while I didn't know the situation until I ran
After 10 minutes course in, to check the condition of the car to attack, in the car is likely to appear over
Benefit from the new tire, somehow control, the gear ratio is short and can not stand running

1 Did you blow up gas symptoms at the beginning of the hair? I thought so, but after that I got dank
Continue attacking as it is, Dunlop, 2 hairs get out well too well and back straight
Tsukuba Measurement 193 km, GPS Measurement 199 km (It's so fast for a Roadster) lol
Pass the control line, 1 second, top time at this point
I finished in a pit without having time to change various settings!
The position is lowered by one second position, but the water temperature seems OK, so it's OK
The final from Paul R35GTR, Roadster, R32GTR, FD3S, R34GTR, FD3S Zachkuri such things (lol

There are a lot of cars that looks good to start around!

During such a red signal black out! !
I can start quite well and get up in the first corner without losing my position
Do you chase the R35 in front of you, until the third week? Though I think, I have a test shortage gradually. . .
A carbon clutch that I thought I would hold because the oversteer was severe and there was no clutch in addition.
Screams from the gas, symptoms of lack of gas in the further after-hand ...
From that point, I was turning down and running in the corner to hold back the R32 GTR.
I can not hold back straight ahead for the remaining lap. . . .

To 3rd place. . .

Cleared the final lap and kept the checker in third place.

This time the lack of testing has been exposed, so by the next idlers
I would like to finish it.

I am grateful to the idlers who have always offered me a fun race place!