idlers Games Report

2019.6.2 Tsukuba Report

FCC Plus No.2 Yoshifumi Nibe player 

DIXCEL Mline SWIFT Race Report!

I was on MR2 when I was single, but I stopped car activity when I got married.
After a brief pause, in 2006 Suzuki Suzuki Swift (ZC31S)
Taking advantage of the Swift Driving Lesson on the FSW Short Course,
Resume circuit activity.
After participating in the Swift Meister Championship, the FCC class was created in 2015 and went to idlersGames.
FCC Basic total 2 wins (Motegi, Tsukuba)
In this fiscal year, they entered the FCC Plus from the second race.

Nice to meet you, everyone. My name is Nibe from idlers fifth grader (laughs).

The FCC (FF Compact Challenge) class is also in its fifth year early.
This year in the fifth year, the rules of FCC Basic have been modified to lift the ban on the S-tires and to restore the too fast basic class to the original basic.
The rule has been established that "vehicles less than 1 minute and 9 seconds at Tsukuba Circuit should shift from the next race to FCC Plus".
And, the opening match is held in March of this year, and it records 1 minute, 8 seconds and 7 in quick qualifying immediately (wry smile)
First and last Tsukuba match win @ Basic class,
This time, we participated in the FCC Plus from the second race Tsukuba.

As a result of the shift to plus, the scope of remodeling of the vehicle has been greatly expanded,
This specification is a specification in basic regulation. I also used the used RE-71R of 205 / 50R16 that I used last time.

As a result, qualifying is in sixth place in class / 7 cars. The final was in class 6th / 7 cars.
The start goes well, raises one place and is overtaken (laughs)
Rivals are pretty tough, and with a plus it's unlikely to win so easily (sweat)
But I think the process from here is important. Not only the results but also the time to think about the companions
Because the effort to work with the theme by yourself will be fun as a result,
I think it is important to be connected next time without breaking the car this time.

The atmosphere at idlersGames is that everyone is going to enjoy the adult race safely, and the race is a serious battle. When it is over, everyone becomes a friend and they feel at ease. While enjoying the atmosphere, I study every time. At the beginning of the war, there was a lot of interaction with members who had time attack events and practice in the same Swift, but by spending the same time together with the models other than Swift, they connected with each other through various races, The circle of is also expanding. Thank you for such a relationship! PeopleGames are idlersGames. Of course the car is so, but I feel that it is an event where the thoughts of each person are gathered.